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Cutting it short …

We’re a self-service dog wash facility providing a safe, convenient and comfortable way to clean up your grubby pup after they’ve had the fun of getting filthy!

Want to D.I.Y? Our baths, grooming platforms and blaster dryers are easy and comfortable to use.

Want a full-service groom? We have a professional groomer happy to book you in for an appointment.

Reactive dog? Tuesdays are by appointment only so that you’ll be completely undisturbed and your dog can enjoy the experience in peace.

Got a new puppy in the family and want to socialise them well both with other puppies and with the environment of the grooming parlour? We’ll be holding puppy socialisation groups every week for puppies under 20 weeks.

Interested in gaining a Pet First Aid qualification? We regularly hold courses here at the Dog Wash ranging from Children’s courses through to Pet First Aid for Pet Professionals and many more courses between.

Where to find us

The Old Saddlery

Crockstead Farm

Eastbourne Road


East Sussex


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Looking for one-to-one dog training?

Sussex Dogs is our recommended local one-to-one trainer, providing an assessment and training package completely tailored to your situation. It's science-based, welfare-first training that gets real-life results!

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