Meet The Team

Donna Sherlock – Managing Director

Donna is almost always on-site, happy to offer help and assistance whenever needed.
Usually accompanied by her three Golden Retrievers, Not Alan, Probably Janet and Accidentally Lynda, when she’s not working, Donna can be found enjoying family time with her son, Isaac and/or her dad, walking in Ashdown Forest or at Lake Wood, or on the Downs with the dogs – or you can see her onstage with the local theatre guild as often as she can manage it.
Apart from being the Managing Director, Donna is a qualified Canine First Aid instructor and runs Canine First Aid classes from the salon every few months. She also runs the puppy socialisation sessions each week and goes out to trade shows to represent the company and run a stand with dryers whenever there’s a dog swimming facility at the trade show.

Isaac Sherlock – Customer Assistant

Isaac is one of those people who dogs just gravitate toward. His idea of heaven is being in the middle of a whole swarm of silly doggos, playing and goofing around.

Despite his youth, Isaac has a strong work ethic and is always happy to help customers with advice or a helping hand and is never slow to jump in and clean up a booth after a customer has finished using it.

When he’s not at work, Isaac loves to spend time with his family and his friends, and is an avid golfer.

Becky Riley – Groomer (Saturdays)

“Riley’s Smiley Hounds”

One of our lovely self-employed groomers, Becky trades as “Riley’s Smiley Hounds” from our groom room. 

Becky has a real soft spot for cockapoos and spaniels, as her and her family have a number of these dogs between them, but she enjoys grooming many breeds and types as they come in to her. A level 3 groomer, Becky loves to spend her time at work putting into practice what she learned at college and at home she loves spending time with her partner and all their various fur family.


Anal glands? No

Hand Stripping? No

Cording? No

Stand alone claw-clipping? Yes

Elle Ascroft – Groomer (Fridays)

“Belle’s Pampered Paws”

One of our superb self-Employed groomers, Elle trades as “Belle’s Pampered Paws” and grooms from our groom room. Elle has years and years of experience with Shih Tzus and spaniels, having bred both herself and having grown up within a family breeding them. Elle enjoys grooming many different breeds and types however and, because she also does professional dog-walking and dog sitting, Elle has a great deal of experience in handling many breeds and different temperaments.


Anal glands? No

Hand stripping? No

Cording? No

Stand alone claw-clipping? Yes 

Donna Sherlock (Again) – Groomer (Mondays, Thursdays & occasional Saturdays)

“Retriever Diva”

Apart from being the Managing Director, Donna is also one of the professional grooming team, offering grooming services from the groom room for a very specific group of dogs. Donna specialises in retrievers of all breeds: Labradors, Goldens, Flatcoats, Curly Coats, Duck Tollers, and even retriever mixes as long as they have a hair coat and not a fleece or wool coat. Donna’s client list features dogs with special needs due to age, disability or temperament, guide dogs, other service and assistance dogs and lots and lots of beloved pets.

There are a few exceptions to the retriever only rule: Hand strips and cording are so satisfying that Donna just can’t resist the temptation.


Anal glands? No

Hand stripping? Yes

Cording? Yes

Stand alone claw clipping? Yes

Natalie Wiles – Photographer

“Kenquartz Photography & Design”

Every few months at Awash with Dogs we hold a pop-up ‘Pawtrait’ event with a professional photographer. Clients can come to it and either do a package deal of DIY wash & dry, photo and a free toy or just have a a quick photo session. Each time we run these events they grow in popularity, and a lot of that is down to the amazing photography captured by the amazing Natalie.

When she’s not here photographing other people’s dogs, Natalie loves spending time with her husband, daughter and beloved Golden Retriever, Bailey and she is a dedicated founding member of a local flyball team which even made it to Crufts to compete in 2022! 

Santa Paws – Gift and Joy Bringer

Every Christmas Santa Paws pops in for a visit to give all the good doggos loves, treats and gifts at our Christmas Pawtrait event. Of course he is so busy for the rest of December that he can only manage one day before he must zoom off to see all the other dogs in the world. 

When he’s not having photos taken with other people’s dogs (and children) Santa Paws loves to spend time with his beloved rescue Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, Ruby.

Not Alan – Meditation Leader, Morale Officer & First Aid Demo Dog

Not Alan is a nearly 5 year old Golden Retriever. He is the goodest good boy in the whole wide world, despite being a sneaky thief who steals your heart and makes everyone who meets him his willing slave. A handsome rock star who always has an immaculate coat – perhaps because he’s a cheeky imp who will happily jump up on the table to encourage DIY clients to blow dry and brush him instead of their own dog – he is also an amazing calming influence for dogs and humans alike and has been useful a number of times sitting on the grooming table next to nervous dogs to help them learn not to be afraid of the dryers or brushes. He falls in love with every puppy he meets and many clients have suggested we should hire him out as a meditation guru.

Probably Janet – Security Manager and Water Safety Consultant

Probably Janet is a 2.5 year old Golden Retriever. She is easily the naughtiest dog in England but is so hilarious that no one can be cross with her for more than 8 seconds. A grubby little bog-troll, she delights in being filthy and scruffy and runs at the merest hint of it being time for a brush. Probably Janet takes her job as Security Manager very seriously, not only barking at anything that moves outside, but also by constantly checking the perimeter for possible escape routes and drawing our attention to them by disappearing through them off to do her second role; Water Safety. She enjoys the pond outside very much indeed and even though the ducks have repeatedly expressed their ability to keep themselves safe in deep water, she soldiers on, striving to herd them out of the water and onto the grass… for their own safety.

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