Microfibre Drying Coat S – Style 2 Hunter Green


Fed up with huge pile of old towels and yet you still have a doggy doggy and that wet smell lingering in the house? Feel guilty vanishing your dog to the kitchen until they’re dry enough to join the family in the rest of the house? Worried about a wet, shivering doggo after a rainy walk? A microfibre drying coat is an absolute game changer! The microfibre sucks the water out of your dog’s coat, drying them quickly, efficiently and without any tiring rubbing and scrubbing.
Then once they’re dry, take the coat off, pop it over a radiator and with the lightweight microfibre towelling, it’ll be dry and ready to go again in time for your next walk.
why not take it with you in the car and pop it on before heading home? Your dog will be halfway dry before you’re even back in the house.
Style 2 features a chest & belly piece, Velcro adjustable so only the head, tail and legs will be left uncovered, with no loss of mobility.

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