Posh Paws Puppy Care Kit


When a new puppy joins the family they bring with they a whole lot of joy… and not a few pongs! The Posh Paws Puppy Care Kit has everything you need to keep your puppy (and your house) smelling and looking as gorgeous as they should.
Puppy Shampoo – 250ml. A gentle and caring shampoo that leaves your puppy’s coat clean, lush, shiny and fuller.
Puppy Conditioner – 250ml. Effortlessly softens and smooths your puppy’s coat, leaving it supple and tangle-free, making it easier to groom.
Puppy Accident remover – 250ml. Powerful cleaner designed to break down puppy waste to prevent staining and facilitates easy removal.
Puppy chew deterrents – 100ml. Give surfaces a bitter and unpleasant taste that most puppies dislike, to discourage destructive chewing.
Cloth x 1. Can be used with the puppy accident remover to help lift fresh and dried-in stains.


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